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Please complete our Booking Form so we can fully assess your suitability for encapsulation or email for more information.

Placenta Care covers Greater London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, Hertfordshire

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Placenta Care cannot guarantee results with placenta capsules or any other placenta remedy. Because you are the producer of the ingredient, the quality and potency of your placenta remedies are unique to your own placenta. Placenta Care highly recommend you follow the care instructions given upon receipt of your capsules. Storing your fresh placenta and your placenta remedies as instructed, avoiding Steamed Capsules when ill and not taking over the recommended dose will reduce your chances of experiencing any side effects.


Requirements: Clients must complete the Booking Form and accept the Terms & Conditions before paying for our services. Clients must also complete a Placenta Collection Statement before the preparation of any remedies. This statement allows us to ensure your placenta is safe and suitable for consumption and confirms you have stored your placenta as per our guidelines. Because all births are different, we must ensure your placenta meets our food safety policy requirements to ensure we provide you with a safe and quality product. We collect this statement from you after birth.

Circumstances where we are unable to offer our services:

If you have tested positive for any blood borne disease (HIV, AIDS, HBV, HCV, CJD), or uterine/placental infection. Placenta Care are unable to offer our services. Placenta Care reserve the right to refuse services based on their own assessment of your placenta upon collection. To ensure delivery of a quality and food safe product, we must ensure our placenta storage guidelines have been met. To prevent disappointment and refusal of services we advise you follow our placenta storage guidelines, most importantly, ensuring your placenta chilled within 30 minutes after its delivery.