About Us

Hello! I am Sophie


Founder of Placenta Care. I am an IPEN-certified Placenta Remedies Specialist and member of the Placenta Remedies Network.

I am fully qualified in Food Hygiene, Infection Control and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), based in the South East, covering London and some areas in Essex, Kent, Surrey.

Placenta Care offer placenta encapsulation services to mums for the recovery stage after birth and beyond. I know, from first-hand experience, how placenta encapsulation benefitted me after having my first baby.


My own mother suffered from Post Natal Depression, and I was keen to avoid suffering from it myself. I undertook my own research and discovered the placenta could be turned into tablet form and taken as a supplement.


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Once starting my capsules, my baby blues rapidly vanished, thankfully I also avoided PND. I found my milk supply was in abundance which was amazing having a very hungry newborn, my hair didn't fall out, and I had days where I felt hugely energised on very little sleep, I also felt very calm and serene. This is why I founded Placenta Care, to raise awareness of placenta remedies and shout about how amazing this organ truly is.

If you choose Placenta Care, I would be honoured to be a part of your pregnancy journey.

Warm regards,

Sophie x 

Why should I choose Placenta Care?

It goes without saying mum and baby’s safety is my number one priority. Placenta Care is registered with Environmental Health (London Borough of Bexley). I am highly-skilled, fully insured with BGi and continually receive ongoing CPD training. The equipment I use is of the highest quality to ensure you receive as many nutrients from your placenta as possible. Placenta Care adhere to Government Health and Safety guidelines, also Food Hygiene regulations.

Our equipment is dedicated to the preparation of placenta remedies and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each client, using hospital grade sanitisers and disinfectants.


I am a mother who has experienced placenta encapsulation personally so I am a true ambassador and advocate of how these remedies can aid your recovery. What remedies you choose is ultimately your choice, be it placenta capsules to help you through the newborn phase or a luxury package to see you through baby’s first year and beyond!

I am entirely focussed on my clients with a non-judgemental approach. I pride myself on being sympathetic and sensitive towards mums and their needs. I strive to make the end to end process of encapsulation stress-free so mum can concentrate on her pregnancy, birth and focus on looking after baby once they arrive.

placenta care encapsulation pills london kent